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City Hospital Pilsen, PRIVAMED, Inc. is situated in a natural area in Pilsen town district Lochotín, there is a large park and a forest with a stream and distinct kinds of trees protected as a nature preserve. The hospital itself is made up of two six-floor monoblocks construction which are joined together by an above-grade hallway, which was put into operation in the years 1983 and 1985. City Hospital moved there from the original area in Sady 5. května, it was established as an internal hospital for the Pilsener subregion. The medical institution for long-term illnesses became a part of the hospital in 1982. In 1995 City Hospital Pilsen was privatized by the company PRIVAMED and since October 11th 1995 it has operated as a non-governmental medical institution.

City Hospital Pilsen, PRIVAMED, Inc. has – as well as government medical institutions – long-term contract for an emergency and consecutive care with General Insurance Company and also with other professional medical insurance companies. The bed capacity ensures emergency internal and neurological care for patients from urban districts of Pilsen 1, 2 and 3, for patients after strokes also from district of Pilsen 4, from the area near Stříbro of former region Tachov, and also individually for internal or neurological patients with permanent address out of this subregion. Rehabilitative department of City Hospital Pilsen accepts for hospitalization patients from all Pilsener region after previous reservation, usually from emergency care departments. The previous reservation is also necessary for accepting patients in the medical institution for long-term illnesses, which ensures consecutive medical care also for patients with recommendation from their general practicioner. The hospital has its own catering service.

The department of common examination procedures and the emergency workplace of City Hospital provide their services for medical institutions and patients with no limits of the subregional areas. These are radiodiagnostical department, department of clinical biochemistry and hematology, department of clinical imunology and allergology, microbiological department and emergency workplaces and ordinations of internal, neurological and rehabilitative department and also department of general practicioner. There is a pharmacy and a non-government medical institution for ambulant surgical care in the area of the hospital.

Translation: GJT- Global Joint Translations, Veronika Burešová and Gaylord J.Toole ( or


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